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Around the ACC: Week 3 Recap

Talkin’ bout the ‘Noles, baby.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse
“lmao willie u just lost to syracuse bro” -Dino Babers
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The time has come to once again take inventory of everything that happened outside the bubble of Georgia Tech football in the ACC this week, now featuring 21% fewer teams thanks to Hurricane Florence. As always, Georgia Tech is excluded on purpose. We’ve got enough steaming-hot Pitt takes coming your way as it is...

Boston College 41, Wake Forest 34

Boston College is ranked No. 23 in the country after blowout wins versus UMass and Holy Cross and this weekend’s 7-point victory over Wake Forest, a team that went to overtime with Tulane in week one and blew out Towson in week two. Boston College. Top-25. Holy Cross. UMass. WAKE FOREST. These are the quality opponents Georgia Tech has been missing for years, folks.

This is guaranteed to come crashing down, folks. Purdue by two scores in week four, write it down.

Georgia Southern 7, Clemson 38

It was a good effort by the Eagles, but Clemson is a top-three team for a very good reason. We’ll see that reason soon enough!

By the way, Georgia Southern football might actually be back! They started 2-0 and play a very easy schedule from here on out, so if you’re looking for a backup team...

Florida State 7, Syracuse 30 -> #GoACC Moment of the Week

The Willie Taggart era is in flames after just three games. The best part? People are already calling for his head, a move which would cost the Seminoles well over $20 million if they were to make it at the end of this season. For context, firing Paul Johnson at the end of this season would cost Tech somewhere between $2 and $4 million. Good luck with that, ‘Noles. That’s why you’re my #GoACC team of the week.

Syracuse, meanwhile, is rolling! They’re a better team than No. 23 Boston College, mark my words.

Miami 49, Toledo 24

THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE HURRICANES, BABY. The Canes rebounded to a fluke loss to LSU with blowouts of a couple of powerhouses in Savannah State and Toledo. In all seriousness though, Miami will be ranked very shortly because they lucked into a very easy schedule for the next month or so. That’s FIU next week followed by UNC, FSU, UVA, and No. 23 Boston College. No. 23 Boston College. I can’t get over that.

Duke 40, Baylor 27

I’ve chosen Duke every single week in our staff pick ‘em and it has done me lots of good so far. It’s too easy at this point: people keep thinking they’re bad, but they just aren’t. However, I expect Vegas to catch on this week. Want some free money? Here’s how to do it.

  1. Wait for Vegas to set Duke’s line against NC Central at something dumb like Duke -31 as they try to make up for being so down on them all season.
  2. Bet on NC Central to beat the spread because Duke isn’t a prolific, blow-’em-out type of team.
  3. Wait for Vegas to resume their Duke hate after a closer-than-expected win over NC Central and make millions on Duke for the rest of the year.

Ohio 31, Virginia 45

That’s a lot of points you gave up there, Hoos. Feel free to do that again when we play you.

Western Kentucky 17, Louisville 20

Yawn. What else is there to say? The ACC is really, really bad this year, man.

UCF @ North Carolina, ECU @ Virginia Tech, and WVU at NC State - all hurricane cancellations

I was really looking forward to UCF killing North Carolina. I was also looking forward to WVU killing NC State and overrated Dave Doeren, but oh well. Hopefully everyone in North Carolina is doing well in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Florida State - 1