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Technical Tidbits 9/13: Narduzzi tries to prep for Tech, Mason steps into starting role

Pat Narduzzi is bad and he should feel bad.

Pittsburgh v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

With incumbent starting B-Back and 1,000-yard rusher Kirvonte Benson officially out for the season, the age of redshirt freshman Jordan Mason has begun much earlier than expected. A 6-foot-1 back out of Gallatin, TN, Mason managed to overtake former backup Jerry Howard during the spring. He made his college debut in week one against Alcorn State and looked very solid once again during limited action versus USF, which leads me to believe that he’s ready for the job. It’s been said before and it’ll be said again: if the 2018 Yellow Jackets had to suffer a season-ending injury at any position, we should be glad it’s one like B-Back with no fewer than two very capable backups.

With just a few days til kickoff, Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi has decided to try a new approach to stopping Georgia Tech’s signature offense: actually preparing for Georgia Tech’s offense. No more writing anonymous op-eds about the correlation between cut blocking and the unsightly rise of political bumper stickers, no more dreaming about about playing in a conference where any pass attempt gets sucked into a flaming tornado, and no more doodling unrealistic dreamscapes like a sellout at Heinz Field. Pat means business this time, and we’re all going to wish we’d never made the trip to Pittsburgh. Those two things are unrelated, but still.

In light of recent game cancellations due to the impending impact of Hurricane Florence on the Atlantic coast, SB Nation produced an interesting article on why many teams have chosen to call off games entirely as opposed to relocating or rescheduling. Of course, they omitted the most important reason of all:

Calling off your game so you don’t have to play Georgia Tech and can later claim a national championship you don’t deserve and would never have legitimately won.

That is all.