NCAA Should Reinstate 2009 ACC Championship

Hi, George here. As the title says, the 2009 ACC Championship should be reinstated now. Reasons you ask?

1) Please tell me you have heard the latest out of UNCheat. If not click here. The craziest thing about this is the NCAA approved their request to stagger the suspensions across different games due to some players being at the same position. I will let you read that again then join me in What the WHAT???. For example, ohh officer I already have a speeding ticket this year and no money to pay a second one. Can I pay it next year? Additionally, They should be forced to be suspended in ACC games, not non-conference. Enough Said about that.

2) Don't forget the UNC academic scandal that they got no sanctions for somehow.

3) The Miami Shapiro scandal, which in my opinion that got away light. A few suspensions, no wins vacated. Lets not forget there self imposed bowl ban in years the were not making a great bowl.

4) That brings us back to the 2009 vacated ACC Championship. It is vacated due to an investigation that started that a player received a whooping $312 dollars of benefits. This player basically received some nice clothes to meet with potential agents ahead of the NFL draft. The player denied receiving anything and the NCAA never found any proof. However, according to the NCAA the player was warned by some one at Georgia Tech that the NCAA was coming to investigate him, thus violating the integrity (I know the word and NCAA should not be in the same sentence) of the investigation. Therefor, he must have received benefits, been ineligible, so the win is vacated.

How does that even compare to the other ACC scandals in recent years? Its simple, the NCAA needs to re-instate the 2009 ACC championship to Georgia Tech.

FYI, I was at that game and it was amazing to watch GT beat CJ Spiller Clemson.


George P. Burdell


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