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Technical Tidbits 8/3: Football (practice) has begun!

Also: all the recruits

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Football is (almost) back! The football team checked in yesterday, a process that involved a lot of superhero costumes, for some reason. Ramblinwreck has the whole digest. Football’s right around the corner, y’all. Get excited.

‘Croots are falling from the sky! The football coaching staff have been lighting the recruiting trail up the past couple of days, and if you blinked, it’s possible you missed a new commit. There’s OL Joshua Black, followed by the rapid-fire commits of DT Jamal Camp (brother of Jalen) and DB Wesley Walker, and Wednesday evening brought the addition of ATH Jordan Huff. And.... hey, it looks like we did miss one, because yesterday DE D’Quan Douse added his name to the list as well. Look for a write-up on him from this space.... soon. Not from me; I let more informed people handle the recruiting stuff. Regardless, that’s five commits in two days, which feels like a lot. That’s a lot, right?

You’re gonna have to try harder to keep Tricky Ricky away. At this point, I assume anytime I see the Dallas Cowboys in the news it’s because something bad happened to them again. (Seriously, other that Georgia Tech victim Dak Prescott, what good things have happened to the Cowboys recently?) The bad-news cloud struck again earlier this week, as the Cowboys’ sixth round pick Cedric Wilson suffered an injury in practice and has been put on the injured reserve list. The silver lining in all that is that opened the path for them to sign Ricky Jeune! Here’s hoping this is the big break he needed.

In related news, Freddie Burden was signed by the Atlanta AAF team yesterday! I.... don’t really know what the AAF is; cursory research yielded the result “what if football, but in the spring?” Regardless, it’s a major opportunity for Burden and here’s hoping he makes the best of it.

ADIDAS GEAR IS HERE! It’s finally available, y’all. Yep, here too. Only took a whole month.

Four weeks ‘till football.