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FTRS Football Coverage Primer 2018

Taking a look at the articles the staff will be bringing you this Fall

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

New season, new content! It’s been a busy off-season here at FTRS, as we’ve brought on new staff with the hope of creating a new and improved lineup of articles for your enjoyment this season. This year, we plan to shift our coverage in a slightly different direction.

Since becoming Football Editor here, I’ve wanted to shift our coverage away from a focus on news reporting, and more towards analysis and discussion. We here at FTRS aren’t news reporters or team insiders, but we do have a staff of talented writers and analysts who know college football. I want to leverage that to bring great content to our readers, and to foster quality discussion. It has always been my hope and my goal to make FTRS the best place for quality discussion of Georgia Tech football, and I’m excited to work toward that goal this fall.

Of course, we’ll still report on games, recruiting, and breaking news, but this season we’ll take this fresh new focus.

Advanced Stats

Option Advanced Stats Profile by Kieffer Milligan and Andrew Rodrigues

Many of you are aware of Bill Connelly’s great work here creating and maintaing advanced stats profiles for each team in CFB, as well as profiling each game. Georgia Tech’s profile from last year can be found here. This year, Andrew and I will be taking this coverage a step further on the offensive side of the ball. Advanced stats will be broken down by play, read, and situation in order to better diagnose what is(and isn’t) working for the Paul Johnson machine.

Film Analysis

Option Strategy Report by Matt Schwartz with Kieffer Milligan and Andrew Rodrigues

Each week, the film analysis team will take a look at the formations and concepts used by opponents against the offense, and how Paul Johnson responded. We’ll provide our takes on what worked, what didn’t and why.

Woody’s Roundup by Nishant Prasadh

There’s a snake in my boot! In the same vein as the Roof Inspection Report, Nishant will be analyzing Woody’s defense. The new scheme will be compared to the old via BillC’s metrics, specifically focusing on the areas where Roof’s defense struggled most last season(Havoc, Stuff Rate, etc.). In addition, Nishant will be grading each position group.

Opinions and Commentary

ACC Power Rankings by Danny Duncanson

Danny’s back for another year of the ACC power rankings! This series has always fostered some good discussion, and we’re excited to bring it back.

Monday Musings by Chris Paschal

A long form take on the thing that strikes Chris’s fancy the most that week. There won’t be any hot takes, but there will be a lot of words, some numbers, hypothetical discussions, and obscure literary references.

Monday? Morning? Backup Punter by Stephen Murphey

It’s back for another season. Will it be published monday? In the morning? All we know is there will be a backup punter.

Scions of the Southland by Akshay Easwaran and Guests

You may have already seen our “Scions of the Southland” Podcast previewing the Georgia Tech Football season. It will be published every Monday, so be on the lookout for it!


Illuminati Picks by MagnaCarterGT

After revealing themselves as >>>THE DETAILS OF THIS ENTRY HAVE BEEN REDACTED<<<


Opponent Historical Preview by Jake Grant

Jake will be taking a look at the history of each school Tech plays this season as well as the history of the all-time series, if there is one.

And More!

We’ll still be doing Opponent Q&As and an Around the ACC feature this fall as well. We look forward to some great discussions this season! If there’s anything you want to see, please let us know!