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Technical Tidbits 8/17: Johnson issues, wrong numbers, rich people being bad again

We’ve almost made it to the end, folks


I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. After hearing news of Lucas Johnson’s injury in practice, we were all hoping it was not serious/season-ending. Sadly, it is, so in case you thought the curse placed on this program was Russell Athletic related, that unfortunately appears to be the case.

You all see the spooky ghost behind TaQuon Marshall in this pic, right? Right??

We’ve fallen behind already! Thought it was cool when Tech unveiled its flashy new adidas uniforms, didn’t you? I mean, who else has a bona fide WWE superstar help out with something like that. No one, that’s who. (And if Dolph Ziggler helps Kent State debut some new wrestling singlets next year, it’ll be obvious where they got the idea from.) But here’s the sad truth, fellow Tech faithful: no matter what happens, Tech is still not Oregon, which means they’re never going to get Nike’s newest, flashiest duds. (But at least the new uniforms aren’t uncomfortable to the point of near pain.)

But who will think of the poor rich boosters?? If you’re not familiar with the scandal unfolding at Maryland following the death of football player Jordan McNair during practice, it’s..... really bad, which probably goes without saying. It’s put coach DJ Durkin rightfully under the microscope, but some anonymous booster thinks this all is just so unfair to Durkin and the real blame falls on the players, one of which whom — I will remind you — actually freakin’ died. The hell is it with rich people and anonymity coming together to have the worst takes possible?

Classes start Monday. Good luck, Tech students!