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Technical Tidbits 8/10: I’m not counting down to football, you are

Coming out early on a Friday, unlike Tech’s football uniforms

Michael Smith

Place your Duff’d It! bets now, everybody! The beginning of the 2018 college football season inches ever closer, and of course we’re all excited about the big marquee matchups that are invariably taking place far from college campuses. But even more exciting than that are all the FBS vs. FCS matchups — specifically, the extremely appetizing prospect of an FCS upset! The mothership did a draft of their most likely upsets, and I’m not going to spoil who number one is, because you probably already knew it was Kansas. Bonus: Kennesaw over Georgia State is in there, and, yeah, I can absolutely see that happening, and only partially because I once paid real money to watch State almost lose to Abilene Christian.

It’s probably nothing. Adonicas Sanders suffered a broken collarbone in practice and will be out for longer than Paul Johnson is forecasting, most likely. That’s opened up a spot for.... James Graham, the crown jewel of this past recruiting class. Graham, if you recall, committed as a quarterback. He’s also a true freshman who’ll be pretty far down the depth chart this year, and he’s played WR before, and there is that new redshirt rule, so sure, why not?

We are all on drugs. Athletics has updated their substance abuse policy for all athletes. The hard three strikes rule is out, and athletes can now have a single strike removed if they stay clean for nine months. Both Paul Johnson and Josh Pastner approve. Does this affect a whole lot of Tech athletes in the long run? No. Would it have kept Dedrick Mills from getting kicked off the football team? Yes. Am I still extremely sad about this? Absolutely.

Don’t forget about fan day tomorrow! (I’m just going to check out the new video boards.)