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Technical Tidbits 7/6: We’re in the July doldrums, so let’s talk about the Directors’ Cup

Preparing for the worst? Yeah, that was all of last year

Georgia Tech v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It cannot get any worse, literally. Anyone here familiar with the Directors’ Cup? It’s an award that seeks to recognize the school with the most overall success amongst all of its sports programs. In division I, it’s basically a contest to see who finishes second after Stanford, who has won the award every year it’s been given out except for the first.

You might as well just slap the Stanford logo on there at this point.

Oh, you want to know how Georgia Tech did? Bad! Extremely bad! The worst out of power 5 teams and just a few spots ahead of Kennesaw. For those who don’t want to scroll all the way down: it’s 121st. So the next time you hear someone say Tech should be just as successful athletically as Stanford, the best school for sports in the nation, punch them in the face, then punch them a few more times. Maybe the switch to adidas will help Tech turn things around, though. You know, once we actually get some gear from them.

That’s all that’s newsworthy for now. ACC media days are just two weeks away!