No Technical Tidbits Today? Fine, I'll Do It

Hi loyal FTRS friends, I think that MagnaCarterGT is out running his liver through a battery of tests so I'm going to throw some stuff out at you for some comments:

Paul Johnson Praises Todd Stansbury - I don't think any of us are surprised about this but Ken Sugiura has been doing some solid work lately so it's worth a read. You can also read about what the rest of the ACC thinks about us but if you're like me you don't care. Oh, and Buttcliffe is still an [Asia]hole.

Tech Alumni a Big Part of the Locker Room Renovation - You should be signed up for TGW in your email inbox but if you missed it here you go.

Tech Greats Ken Swilling and Tom Covington Have a Facebook Show - It's kind of long (1 hour) but I enjoyed it. KSolo and TCov bring it and touch on a lot that's been discussed around here. Why the apparel deal is a big deal, why the locker room is a big deal, why SAs should go to Tech, why our offense doesn't hinder our defensive preparation as much as you think, why Woody is a good hire, and more. Plus if you don't know who they are then go back and watch the 1990 season on GTBob's channel and get yourself up to speed.

OK, that's it up here from me. Have a great weekend everyone!

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