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Technical Tidbits 7/23: The Offseason Grinds On

New Redshirt rules and new jerseys

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Johnson Reacts To New Redshirt Rules

This offseason, the NCAA has made a fairly major rule change. Players will now be allowed to play in up to four games and still redshirt. This will gives coaches a lot more leeway on playing freshmen, particularly late in non-competitive game. In the past, some freshmen at Georgia Tech have burned redshirts to only play a few downs. Connor Hansen, Tyler Merriwether, and Taquon Marshall all have burned redshirts to only participate in a few plays. It will be interesting to see how coaches approach this new rule.

Georgia Tech Players Excited and Antsy For New Uniforms

You and me both. Most of the new Georgia Tech equipment has arrived, but the inventory process has been delayed by a lack of storage in the Edge Center and a broken sprinkler head in the storage room. Players are particularly worried about getting their cleats in time to break them in before fall camp starts. I can’t blame them, getting blisters would not be the best way to start the year. Hopefully they get this inventory done soon.

ACC Kickoff Wrapup

This is the full wrapup of comments made at the ACC Kickoff by Paul Johnson, Taquon Marshall, and Brant Mitchell. Paul Johnson claims he’s “anxious” to get back out on the field. Taquon Marshall talked about his goal this year of becoming an improved passer. Mitchell talked about the excitement of the defense under new defensive coordinator Nate Woody. This is definitely worth a read.