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Technical Tidbits 7/20: Every Days Should Be Media Days

Plus: Basketball! (It’s actually not exciting.)

ACC Championship - Florida State v Georgia Tech
Personally, I think every days should be Synjyn Days
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We got media days for days, yo. ACC football media days concluded in Charlotte yesterday, and boy, have they given us a lot to talk about! There is good news for people who like Kenny Cooper (which should be most of you). The football team released a (possibly made up) depth chart! Larry Fedora said something really dumb! You can watch Georgia Tech’s press conference from Wednesday here, and I’d suggest following Ken’s coverage, which is full of goodies.

You’re supposed to make people want to come, guys. Men’s basketball revealed their non-conference schedule earlier this week, and there’s no nice way to put it - it stinks on ice. For starters, playing georgia the Saturday before Christmas is a great way to ensure low attendance. Beyond that, the only power five teams on the schedule are both away. The only other team on the home schedule that might hold interest is ECU; every other home opponent plays in a one-bid league. At least we won’t lose to Kennesaw again this year. Probably.

There’s still no adidas gear available, by the way. We’re now in day 20 of the adidas contract and we’ve seen naught but teases of the new adidas gear. Ken writes the teams are ‘excited’ and ‘antsy’ to get their hands on the new gear, which means they’ve gotten little if any themselves. At least Georgia Tech is getting shown on adidas’ college site - hold on, I’m being informed Georgia Tech is NOT featured on adidas’ college site, but Washington is, even though they’re not set to join the three stripes until next year. Very cool.

By the time you read this, I’ll be in Ireland drinking all the whiskey. Pray for me.