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Technical Tidbits 7/13: Hey, where’s all that adidas gear?

It’s coming, really, we promise!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Tech has adidas gear! ....somewhere. The complete absence of any adidas gear nearly two weeks into the GT-adi contract might give one the impression production did not start until the stroke of midnight, but au contraire - athletics have been receiving boxes and boxes of the stuff since May. May! There’s so much stuff they don’t know what to do with it over in the Edge Center. And yet we’ve all only heard about it. But we’ll see it. One day. Eventually.

See, BJS gets it.

You can’t buy it yet, but you can win a chance to buy it.... in the future! Do you like contests? I know some of y’all like contests. Especially free ones, right? Athletics has a contest open right now that costs you nothing to enter, and for the effort required to enter your name and an email address, and click a couple of boxes, you could win box seats for the football opener against Alcorn State. Which sounds pretty cool, if you’re into box seats. The grand prize winner will also win a $500 shopping spree at the Georgia Tech bookstore. The date of that spree is to be determined at a later date; hopefully one on which adidas gear is actually available. Otherwise, you can probably buy $500 worth of Georgia Tech branded mugs.

But wait! There’s one more chance to win some mysteeeeeeeerious adidas gear! Yes, that’s right, there’s even more free* adidas gear to be had! Those who purchase season tickets to watch this season’s Fightin’ Pastners will be entered for a chance to win an adidas branded Georgia Tech basketball jersey, which may or may not yet exist. Either way, hopefully it looks better than the one in that tweet.

ACC media days are next week; get ready!