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Technical Tidbits 6/8: The Bonfire of Russell Vanities Begins at Midnight

Hold your breath; we’re entering the summer doldrums

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Boston College vs Georgia Tech
Kiss that R logo goodbye.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry about missing last Friday’s Tidbits, y’all. I was on vacation in Maine, which wasn’t going to stop me until my laptop bricked itself. I highly recommend the former; the latter less so.

It’s finally over. Today is the last day of competition for any Georgia Tech team in the 2017-18 college sports calendar, per Ramblinwreck, but in actuality all track and field athletes participating in nationals finished up yesterday, bringing the Yellow Jackets’ year to an end already. And, really, when one looks at all that transpired between last August 25 and now, is anyone really going to miss it? Nah, man. Hell nah. The good news is the next time you see them take the field/court/whatever, they won’t be wearing Russell Athletic. Also, I really thought yesterday or today would have been the last wearing of Russell (thus today’s title), but then I took a look and discovered track and field never wore it to begin with. You’ve ruined everything again, Russell Athletic. Good riddance.

That’s 125 million dollars, with a capital 125. Georgia Tech Athletics made a $125m announcement yesterday: they’re kicking off a major fundraising initiative, the crown jewel of which is to be a renovated Edge Center.

Yeah, it’s real pretty.

There’s a bunch of other projects in there too, including locker room upgrades and a push to fund more scholarships, as well as several projects projected to require an undisclosed amount of money. It all looks very good, and speaks to AD Todd Stansbury’s initiative to shake the alumni trees and see how much money falls out. He’s already doing better than the last guy, whose name I’ve already forgotten.

Countdown to the end of the Russell Athletic contract: 23 days.