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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Summer Vacation

With no summer sports, we’re taking a weekly look at the state of each of the non-revenue programs.

Clearing some hurdles on the way to NCAAs.
Georgia Tech Athletics/Danny Karnik

METZ, FRANCE - With spring sports all but over, there’s not much to review each week here at Yellow Jacket Review. Instead, here’s a little taste of what each week will feature as we wait for football, volleyball, and cross country to begin again in a few short months.

With several thousand words dedicated to the minutiae of outcomes every week - scores, races, and sets of every sport - there usually isn’t much time to look at the big picture of Tech sports outside of the usual football, basketball, and baseball. However, blessed with some time, and, more importantly, no games to recap each week, Yellow Jacket Roundup is going to pivot a little to look at just that, the state of each program.

There’s obviously a lot still in flux - no one really knows much about how various recruits in, say, men’s cross country, are going to affect the long term stability of the program, and whatnot. That’s a level of refinement so extreme there’s no real answer to those questions. However, in the broad sense, we can look at the results of the last few seasons, the coaches and managers, and the general recruiting knowledge we have, and try to determine the direction of the program. Obviously some sports, like women’s basketball and men’s golf, are a little bit more mainstream and some of the answers will be more clear. Yet, for others, it’s just interesting to see how they’ve done lately and what could change this year. Obviously, to paraphrase athletic director Todd Stansbury, the goal is to win championships, both the conference kind and the national kind.

But the purpose of this introduction is not to belabor that point, because we all realize that already. Instead, I want to know what the readership wants to know. Articles are better served when the information is what is most relevant. So leave a comment below and I’ll make it happen. But, in general, expect a broad look at the state of everything else on Fowler and Ferst in the upcoming weeks.

The series will begin next week with a recap of the track and field seasons, upon the conclusion of the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field National Championships in Eugene, Oregon, and go team by team, saving the national semifinalist women’s tennis team for last in the run-up to the new college sports calendar in the middle of August. In immediate Track news, the Jackets have a handful of entries in the big dance, or, big race, I suppose, and competition begins Wednesday. The meet will be telecast live on ESPN 2 on Wednesday and Thursday and on the Worldwide Leader itself Friday and Saturday.

This Week on the Flats:

BOLD for home, REGULAR for away, ITALIC for time and location

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Track and Field @ NCAA Outdoor National Championships
All day, Eugene, OR, ESPN 2

Track and Field @ NCAA Outdoor National Championships
All day, Eugene, OR, ESPN 2

Track and Field @ NCAA Outdoor National Championships
All day, Eugene, OR, ESPN

Track and Field @ NCAA Outdoor National Championships
All day, Eugene, OR, ESPN

Sunday: OFF