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Technical Tidbits 6/29: Russell Athletics’ Last Hurrah

We’ve almost made it, everyone

Miami Marlins v San Francisco Giants
Big Bart in the Bay
Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Simpson? No, I mean the talented Bart. The accolades continue to roll in for baseball alumnus and top-2 MLB draft pick Joey Bart. Not only did he make the cover of Baseball America, but he also won the Johnny Bench award, given to the top catcher in college baseball. That’s at least, what, four different individual awards he won this season? I know it’s a lot.

Everything he does is the attitude of an award winner because he has won an award. Several awards, actually.

When you think back to the 2018 GT baseball season, remember more of Joey Bart, and less of how a team so lauded didn’t even make the NCAA tournament.

Speaking of baseball! Oregon State defeated Arkansas last night to take the College World Series finals, 2-1. (An SEC team blowing a 1-0 lead in the CWS to a west coast school? I’m getting déjà vu from ten years ago.) That marks the official end of the 2017-18 college sports calendar... but there does happen to be a collegiate home run derby on Saturday. First baseman Kyle McCann will be participating, and he’ll be wearing adidas gear. That’s right, everyone: we’re getting adidas a day early! Whatcha gonna do about it, Russell Athletic? That’s right: nothing.

Speaking of adidas! Yeah, so that starts Sunday. This Sunday! Being a highly anticipated date amongst the Georgia Tech fandom, surely Athletics has some major events planned for it, right? Nope. In an extremely Georgia Tech athletics move, there are no major events planned to coincide with the first day of the adidas contract. There won’t even be gear available until mid-July.

*rubs forehead* Look, guys. This wasn’t that hard. Y’all knew July 1 was going to be a huge deal. How’d you let this happen? Whatever. At least I’ll be done counting down.

Countdown to the end of the Russell Athletic contract: 2 days.