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Technical Tidbits 6/22: Draftyball

Is such a thing even possible?

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech
He’s kind of a big deal. People know him.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

.....yes, it is. It doesn’t carry the gravitas of the NFL draft, but the NBA draft is still a pretty big deal! What, you didn’t know it was yesterday? Well, allow me to enlighten you about the only news you care about, if you somehow missed Rob’s post on it last night: Georgia Tech basketball added another page to its storied history when the Minnesota Timberwolves pined their way to selecting SG Josh Okogie with the 20th pick.

Quite the meteoric rise for the *squints* 219th best recruit in the 2016 class.

Okogie is Tech’s first NBA 1st round draft pick since Iman Schumpert was drafted by the Knicks in 2011. His entry will give Tech six active players in the league, tied for third in the ACC. No points for guessing who numbers one and two are.

Tickets! Get your tickets here! For those of you afraid of long-term commitments, single game tickets for 2018 Georgia Tech football games are now on sale. Get those Bowling Green tickets before they’re gone - you don’t want to miss out on that sweet, sweet MACtion.

Countdown to the end of the Russell Athletic contract: 9 days.