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Technical Tidbits 5/4: Insert Star Wars Reference Here


I’m like 93% sure this is photoshopped, but whatever.

Oh, sure, NOW it’s special. Remember two years ago when Tech played in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, which kicked of at 11:00am local time in Jacksonville? I’m a bit hazy on that personally, but there are reasons for that, and there’s documented proof anyway.

*a cacophony of muffled “DUUUUUUVAAAAAAAAL” chants are heard from far away*

Anyway, that’s not happening anymore, as the Gator has attained the hallowed “last bowl game before new year’s” spot, at least for this year. There are a lot of other shifts in the bowl schedule this year, likely due to some conflicts with some crummy football league. You can find the full schedule here, if you’re just dying to know eight months in advance.

The working assumption here is everyone involved survived their finals. Tech’s graduation ceremonies start, uh, today, I think? Masters/PhDs are today, undergrads tomorrow. This is where I’d link to a list of athletes who are graduating, but..... I don’t have that right now. I’m sure RamblinWreck will publish it, like, two hours after this is posted. Anyway, early May means a lot of tennis news: the women are in the team championship tournament for the 19th straight year, with two players scoring bids in the individual championship tournament, and three nabbing All-ACC honors; on the men’s side, sophomore Carlos Divar made the All-ACC second team, and will represent Tech in both the NCAA singles championship and with partner Michael Kay in the doubles championship. Oh, and former Tech phenom Chris Eubanks? He’s doing alright in the pros.

Countdown to the end of the Russell Athletic contract: 58 days.