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Yellow Jacket Roundup: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

A lot of Yellow Jackets came really close to doing things this week and only three individuals remain active in the world of Tech sports.

Several running puns were thought of, none deemed worthy.
Georgia Tech Athletics/Danny Karnik

METZ, FRANCE -, apparently, thanks to new European Union regulations, neither and the Chicago Tribune, among others (this is a small sample size) are available in Europe. Thanks to the power of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s VPN, the internet now thinks I’m somewhere on the Hill. So that’s nifty. Meanwhile, on the Flats...

No. 4 Women’s Tennis

The Jackets may have lost 4-2 last Monday in the Final Four, but they certainly did not go quietly. They narrowly lost the doubles point for the third straight match, finding themselves in a hole early, and it did not get any easier from there, losing two more points to begin singles play. However, the Jackets battled, with Ida Jarlskog and Nami Otsuka taking wins, making the score a narrow 3-2. Johnnise Renaud took an early one set lead, but lost the second in a heartbreaking tiebreaker, which is one of the hardest things to bounce back from in the sport. To her credit, she tried valiantly, but it wasn’t enough to stop Vanderbilt from taking the match 4-2. The Jackets finished their season with an NCAA Final Four appearance, and plenty of quality wins. They just didn’t win the last one. And that’s tough.

Meanwhile, the Jackets had one entry each into the individual and doubles draws, with national no. 14 Paige Hourigan competing in singles, joined by her acclaimed doubles partner Kenya Jones in the latter. Hourigan made it all the way to the Round of 16 before she fell to Ole Miss’ Arianne Hartono, ranked sixth nationally, 6-1, 6-1. Ranked number one in the nation, Hourigan and Jones made it all the way to quarterfinals before being upset by a North Carolina duo. The two cruised early in the tournament, but dropped the first set of this match 6-4, only to come roaring back in the second set, winning 6-1. However, the Jackets fell in the tiebreak, ending their season, as well as Hourigan’s career on the Flats. It was a truly transcendent one, and she will be missed.

This Week: Tech is done for the year. It was a season to remember, well fought, but, in the end, they came up just short. We will see them in the fall for their tune-up.

Track and Field

Tech’s best of the best had a fine showing at the East Preliminaries in Tampa last weekend. Though several more of their teammates were just fractions of a second or meter away from joining them in Eugene, Oregon for the national championship meet, Tech will be represented by Jeanine Williams in the 100m hurdles, Avery Bartlett in the 800m, and Nahom Solomon in the 10K. Solomon was also one of the unlucky to narrowly miss out, as he nearly qualified in a second event as well, the 5K race. The three will be running in Eugene from June 6-9th.

This week: Tech is off until the national championships, June 6-9th in Eugene, Oregon.

Men’s Tennis

Sophomore Carlos Divar kicked off the men’s team with an entry in the NCAA individual championship draw last week. Divar, ranked no. 61 in the country, fell in the opening round to no. 36 Ryan Peniston of Memphis in identical 6-2, 6-2 decisions. The next day, he and his doubles partner, Michael Kay, fell in a rematch against South Carolina’s Yancy Dennis/Gabriel Frederick, whom they had defeated earlier in the season. The Jackets finish the season ranked no. 20, after climbing as high as the national no. 7 earlier in the season.

This week: Men’s tennis is off until the fall.


For baseball coverage: Tech lost to lowly Pittsburgh and esteemed North Carolina in pool play last week, in what could very well be their last two games of the season.

This weekend: Tech will not know for sure they are done until the tournament seeding comes out later on Monday. However, with two tough-to-swallow ACC championship losses to close the season, the odds look dim for the Jackets.

This Week on the Flats:

BOLD for home, REGULAR for away, ITALIC for time and location

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: OFF

Tech’s next action on the schedule is June 6th-9th in Eugene, Oregon, for the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field National Championships.