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Technical Tidbits 4/6: Defense, yay!; Vic’s Secrets; Charlotte’s Web

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NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

This is the year the defense will actually be good, for real, maybe. No, wait, come back, the defense may actually be okay this year. The past five years of Rooffense have lowered the bar for what’s considered acceptable defensive performance (I have gone on record as having accepted “fine” as a base level, which it still wasn’t that year.) The difference this year is when I hear things are going to be different, I actually believe it this time. Nothing is perfect and it’s especially foolish to think so in the first year of a new defensive scheme, but all signs point to this change being good.

Yeah, like that. That’s pretty good.

An international man of mystery. You don’t have to listen to me feel some semblance of excitement about the defensive changes - plenty of players on Tech’s defense are excited too (that one requires a subscription, or at least very quick screenshotting). Among those most excited about the changes is LB Vic Alexander, who’s set to be the leading edge rusher in new defensive coordinator Nate Woody’s scheme. This is the best preface I could come up with for a short video the AJC made about him.

Keep on rockin’ me, mama. Remember way back when the ACC football championship game was in Florida? It was a really bad idea! Thankfully, the conference noted the much higher numbers for it once they moved the game to Charlotte, and decided to keep it there until at least 2030. Apologies to all five of you who were holding out hope it would be moved back to Jacksonville.

Countdown to the end of the Russell contract: 86 days.