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Technical Tidbits 4/17: Spring Football Continues

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You want more articles about the new defense? We’ve got them!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

As I’m sure our loyal readers have noticed by now, any major coaching change comes a flurry of articles and interviews with players about the differences in the coaching staff. Yesterday, the Savannah Morning News published an article from the Associated Press’s George Henry which featured comments from several players on new DC Nate Woody’s new system. Both players said that one of the biggest changes has been the speed of play. CB Ajani Kerr described it as “see ball, get ball” while LB Jaquan Henderson said the new style was “perfect” for the Yellow Jackets’ personnel. It remains to be seen if Woody’s defense will be the big step forward many seem to expect based on spring practice reports but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the news system.

For some bonus spring football coverage, here’s Ken Suguira’s myAJC story about redshirt sophomore Chris Martin’s rapid rise up the DT depth chart.

Saturday night the Georgia Tech Athletic Department celebrated the career of recently retired Director of Sports Medicine, Jay Shoop, who treated the Yellow Jackets for over 25 years. Shoop’s career saw him make several stops at colleges and professional teams before settling in for his first stint on The Flats in 1987. He left for a job with the Detroit Lions in 1999 but returned to Atlanta in 2002. After decades of treating the ailments of hundreds, if not thousands, of Yellow Jackets, Shoop will head into a well deserved retirement.

Anyone remember Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 basketball league? The league featuring many retired NBA players started play last summer and is back for year 2 starting in a few weeks time. The league’s second annual draft was held last Thursday with Georgia Tech’s own Director of Player Personnel, Mario West being selected with the 19th and final pick of the draft. West, a Georgia Tech alumnus and 4-year NBA veteran was selected to Mike Bibby’s “Ghost Ballers” team. Bibby and West played together on the Atlanta Hawks from 2007-2010. I can’t really tell you anything more about this league but good luck to West and the Ghost Ballers!