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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Zach Owens is commit #3 for 2019!

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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Georgia Tech fans got welcome news this afternoon, as WR Zach Owens announced his commitment to the Jackets over offers from Maryland, Buffalo, UTSA, and South Alabama.

Owens is the 3rd commit for the 2019 class, and is the first WR committed. With only 1 or 2 scholarships likely available for the 2019 WR group, another may commit soon before the spots dry up. Georgia Tech’s involvement with Owens moved quickly from an offer on April 4 to a commitment 9 days later.

Owens seems to still be growing into his body, and could continue to get taller before he eventually arrives at Tech. He’s tall, lanky, and has his height listed at 6-1 on 24/7, but 6-2 on Rivals. If he continues to grow, he will have considerable space on his frame to add weight. He will already fill out to around 205 lbs at his current frame, and could end up being a physical presence on the outside if he gets in the 6-3 or 6-4 range.

Owens is a fluid athlete who excels at gaining yards after contact. He was regularly utilized as a runner on sweeps, and showed his quick feet and balance in such situations. On deep balls, he tracks the ball well, though I’d like to see him attack the ball in flight a bit more. With his frame, he should be able to do it with ease if he commits to it. Not much blocking film, so look to see if it shows up on his senior film.

If Owens fills out his frame, he could be a considerable pick up for Tech down the road. Don’t be surprised if Owens needs a redshirt year, but look for him to contribute once he fills out and perfects his jump ball technique.