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Georgia Tech Falls just short at Clemson

The Yellow Jackets led for most of the second half, but couldn’t hold on

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

When people talk about college basketball being frustrating to watch, they were talking about games like this one. The players couldn’t stop fouling and the refs weren’t helping by calling plenty of light fouls. By the end of the game, many of the best players on Georgia Tech were playing careful due to foul trouble. Moses Wright fouled out while Ben Lammers, Tadric Jackson, and Josh Okogie all came into the waning minutes with four fouls. In addition, both offenses were playing poor basketball for much of this game. There was a lack of good ball movement and far too much standing around. Once again this mostly effected GT as they ended up scoring only three points in a ten minute stretch late in the second half. This gave Clemson the easy opportunity to come back and win the game.

This result shouldn’t feel disappointing, but considering how well this team was playing for the first 25 minutes it was. Josh Okogie led the way shooting 8/11 for 22 points. He came out with 11 minutes left due to foul trouble and he also appeared to be cramping. He didn’t make any impact after that. Beyond him it got ugly. Wright shot 2/10, Lammers was 5/12, and Jackson was 4/16. Not a great day for this offense. The only real bright spot was three point shooting. The Jackets ended up hitting 9/18 from deep, one of their best performances of the year.

Gabe Devoe led the way for Clemson today. He scored 25 points on 7/13 shooting. He had a lot of help from Marquise Reed, Elijah Thomas, and Shelton Mitchell. All four of those players had at least 6 free throws.

This season has gone very poorly for Georgia Tech, but for the second game in a row this team has hung with a ranked team well into the second half. They still have some fight left in them. They finish the season with two home games, starting with NC State Thursday night. It would be great for this season to end on a high note.