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Technical Tidbits 2/1: ‘Cuse Comes to Town

Georgia Tech News & Links 2/1

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MAR 07 ACC Tournament - Georgia Tech v Pittsburgh Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This is all written before Tech’s either much-needed win over ‘Cuse or Tech’s incredibly frustrating, 5th straight close loss. So...

Abdoulaye Gueye’s improvement has been critical for Tech

Gueye’s improvement this season has been a breath of fresh air for an already short lineup. One of the biggest areas he has seen improvement has been his hook shot. It has helped him increasing his scoring from 1.2ppg to 9.8ppg from last season, while shooting 61% from the floor. Gueye will be absolutely critical to the team’s future success after the departure of Lammers following this year.

Last night’s game against Syracuse was Tech’s 4th straight home sellout. However, if you’re interested in going to any future games, you can usually find tickets fairly cheap on secondhand markets. These sellouts are largely a result of the high amount of season tickets that were bought. All of the sellouts so far have had empty seats at them, so keep an eye on StubHub and the like and you can usually find some good deals to get you in the door.

Chris Bosh chonicles his bittersweet transition from The Institute to the NBA

In case you missed it, Bosh gives a wonderful account of his time at Georgia Tech and his departure to the NBA. We can still wonder at all the what-ifs if he stayed for the national title game appearance in the year that followed his departure.

In order to keep you hype from last night’s victory, or hype you up again after that frustrating defeat, here’s the Shawty Lo (RIP) video for Dey Know. This is a song you should definitely not listen to or watch at work, but you should definitely listen to on your commute. It will help you reach your destination in record time.