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Technical Tidbits 12/5: Georgia Tech’s Piesman moment

A pair of Georgia Tech defenders have been nominated for the mos prestigious award in all the land.

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Saint-Amour and Branch Nominated for Piesman

Two Georgia Tech defensive linemen were nominated for the Piesman Trophy yesterday. The Piesman is a spinoff of a slightly more famous college football trophy annually given by SB Nation to the big man (or men) who rumbled the loudest while scoring a touchdown. Anree Saint-Amour and Desmond Branch got a joint nomination for Branch’s pass deflection against Bowling Green that Saint-Amour intercepted and returned four yards for a touchdown. Go vote for them!

Stansbury Addresses Bowl and Coaching Search

Yesterday AD Todd Stansbury sent an email out to GT athletics donors with updates on both the coaching search and the process behind the bowl game selection. Stansbury did not give any concrete names for the coaching search, but said that he “has been actively working to find the best fit for Georgia Tech.” On the bowl game front, Stansbury said that the Georgia Tech athletic department made its case to the league office for why the team deserved a tier one bowl, but ultimately the office and the games themselves did not see things the same way.

Derrick Morgan and Other Tennessee Titans Players Weigh in on Whisenhunt

Los Angeles Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt has been a popular name in rumors about the Georgia Tech coaching job, to the dismay of many fans. Some of the Titans players, including former Yellow Jacket Derrick Morgan, voiced their opinions on Whisenhunt, who coached them to a disappointing 3-20 record over a season and a half. They had only positive things to say about him, with Derrick Morgan even quoting “I hope he gets the job.” His record in the NFL has been mediocre at best as a head coach, but it is at least slightly reassuring that his players seem to enjoy playing for him.