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Monday Musings: Cold Like Minnesota

In which I discuss a state you normally don’t think about.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

So I’m sure all of y’all know by now that Minnesota will be our bowl opponent. As we creep closer and closer to kickoff, I thought it would be nice to learn about them since I doubt many of you ever think about our most Canadian state. Is there a state out there that is more different than Georgia? I really don’t think so. At the very least, you can use some of this material as a conversation starter in Detroit.

First, a little history. Half of the territory of Minnesota became part of the US after the Revolutionary War, and the other half came as part of the later Louisiana Purchase. Minnesota was granted statehood in 1858 after a big political mess involving the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Union. It was the eastern part of the territory that became the actual state of Minnesota while the western part became the Dakota Territory. This was an unfortunate development because apparently all the football talent in the territory was in the west.

In popular culture, Minnesota has gained recent notoriety because of Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty and his hit song “Minnesota” in which he repeats the line “cold like Minnesota” about 100 times. The northern part of the state has an average annual temperature of 37 degrees so his observation is correct. Minnesota is also famous for being the setting of the hit movie Fargo, directed by the Coen Brothers. I actually watched this a couple months ago on Netflix and thought it was fantastic. Highly enjoyable movie with some highly enjoyable accents.

Speaking of accents, Minnesotans have one of the most distinct in the country. It’s basically what everyone stereotypes Canadians to sound like. If you go to the bowl game, you might want to brush up on the lingo before starting any conversation with Gopher fans.

Economically speaking, there are several large companies that call Minnesota home, the most famous of which is Target. Love wandering around Target aimlessly to waste time? Love needing one thing and leaving with ten? Thank Minnesota. Other Fortune 500 companies in Minnesota include UnitedHealth, Best Buy, 3M, U.S. Bancorp, and General Mills.

As far as football goes, your pickins are slim in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (seriously, they love their lakes). If you idolize Carl Spackler and Gophers aren’t your thing, your only other real option is the Vikings, a bastion of heartbreak and despair (including Adam Thielen just disappearing as soon as my fantasy team got into the playoffs…).

Ready for some rapid fire fun facts?

  • Jessica Biel is from Minnesota.
  • It has about 15,000 lakes. The number fluctuates depending on what counts as a lake. I know for a fact there is an sassy old lady in a government building in charge of this.
  • The Mall of America, the largest in the country, is in Minnesota. Why? Who knows.
  • Bisquick was invented in Minnesota. My 9th grade Boy Scout troop is grateful.
  • The world’s largest ball of twine is in Minnesota. Probably because no other state wants it.

Okay, I think we’re in an educated enough position now to do a little comparison between ‘Sota and our wonderful state of Georgia.

Most famous person:

Prince is awesome. 30 points to Minnesota.


  • Georgia: BBQ, fried chicken, seafood
  • Minnesota: scandinavian food

Is this even a fair contest? 75 points to Georgia.

Sports teams:

  • Georgia: curse on everyone
  • Minnesota: Gary Anderson and Blair Walsh

-27 points to both.

State nickname:

  • Georgia: Peach State
  • Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes

Now I love a good lake, but peaches are better. 10 points to Georgia.

Final Score: Georgia 58, Minnesota 3

Let’s hope for a similar score on December 26th.