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Early Signing Period Preview: Tracking the status of Georgia Tech’s current commits

With the Geoff Collins era now underway, let’s see where the players drawn to Tech by Paul Johnson currently stand.

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With the early signing period coming up later this week, we’ll be taking a look at Georgia Tech’s upcoming recruiting class as divided into two sections: the current commits that Geoff Collins is trying to retain (his holdovers from the Johnson era) and the new targets he’s trying to flip. Today’s focus will be on the former group, including some players whose commitments span nearly a full calendar year.

OL Joshua Black - 247Sports Composite: 0.8290

It has been quiet for Black, who committed to Tech with the expectation of playing for Paul Johnson in an option system. He doesn’t appear to have taken an official visit to Tech since Geoff Collins was hired and we haven’t seen anything encouraging regarding his commitment, as his Twitter account seems to be deleted.

OL Larry Dowdy - 247Sports Composite: 0.8290

The same goes for Dowdy, another option lineman. There hasn’t been a whisper about his status, even with the early signing period starting on Wednesday. It stands to reason that hearing nothing at all is probably a neutral sign, but not when everyone else has been as active as you’ll see in a moment.

DT Jamal Camp - 247Sports Composite: 0.8327

Camp seems to have reaffirmed his desire to sign a letter of intent with Tech following a visit to meet Geoff Collins just over a week ago. The brother of wide receiver Jalen Camp, Jamal has been a cornerstone of the recruiting class since his initial commitment back in early August. He has also been among the strongest recruiters of all the current commits on Twitter.

DL D’Quan Douse - 247Sports Composite: 0.8343

The three-star defensive end from Savannah made a visit to Tech yesterday, posing with Geoff Collins in Georgia Tech gear. He too has been active on Twitter since Collins was hired, another encouraging sign for the early signing period.

QB Demetrius Knight - 247Sports Composite: 0.8431

Like Camp and Douse, Knight seems to have re-upped on his commitment following an official visit to Tech on Saturday. This one is especially comforting given that more schools seemed to get on Knight’s trail following his Tech offer. He is a versatile player and will be exciting to watch at the college level.

You’re going to be tired of seeing Geoff Collins pointing to the GT logo on his Jacket by the end of this article, by the way.

S Jeremiah Smith - 247Sports Composite: 0.8431

The longest-standing commitment of the 2019 class, Smith announced his intentions to attend Tech way back in February. He too had an encouraging official visit to Tech, his coming just a couple of days after Collins was named head coach.

RB Devin Ellison - 247Sports Composite: 0.8505

Once an A-Back commit, Ellison seems fully locked-and-loaded for the Jackets after this article from the AJC all but reaffirming that he’ll be signing with Tech. He also made an official visit just over a week ago.

An important thing to glean from the AJC article above is that Tech has honored all offers and commitments, a great move by Todd Stansbury and Geoff Collins. It will be interesting to see how the more versatile players like Ellison and Demetrius Knight fit into Collins’ plans for the offense.

LB Chico Bennett Jr. - 247Sports Composite: 0.8519

Bennett was quiet til late last night, when Rivals reported that he is “solid” after spending the weekend with Collins and the staff. He could be a key player very quickly for the Jackets, who lack depth at linebacker in a big way.

RB Tony Amerson - 247Sports Composite: 0.8526

Amerson was among the first players to make an official visit to Tech, doing so the day after Geoff Collins was introduced as head coach. Recruited to play B-Back under Paul Johnson, Amerson is a strong runner and likely the best fit as a traditional running back of the current 2019 commits. Holding onto him would be great for the program.

QB Jordan Yates - 247Sports Composite: 0.8538

Yates led Milton to a state title while wearing a Georgia Tech glove on his throwing hand on Thursday. What else could we ask of a commit?

Well, he also made an official visit to Tech. Nothing is done until the paper is signed, but everything from the prized quarterback commit has been all positive so far.

WR Zach Owens - 247Sports Composite: 0.8581

Owens seems like a safe bet as well following his chance to meet Geoff Collins during his trip to the Flats. There is a lack of wide receiver depth on the roster, so he’ll have a chance to play a big role very early on.

LB Ahdarrious Gee - 247Sports Composite: 0.8590

Gee took an official visit as well and seems to have enjoyed it. He’s likely getting attention from other schools as one of the highest-rated players in the Tech recruiting class, but everything is looking positive so far.

ATH Jordan Huff - 247Sports Composite: 0.8671

Huff seems committed, having Tweeted his congratulations to recent Tech commit Kenan Johnson. He took an official visit a couple of weekends back and figures to play cornerback under Geoff Collins if he does in fact sign with the Jackets.

However, Huff was at Michigan State this past weekend. The circumstances for his visit there are unclear, but it isn’t encouraging.

WR Kalani Norris - 247Sports Composite: 0.8709

Norris made his official visit to Tech this past weekend as well, but there hasn’t been much made of it publicly. He has retweeted a few other Tweets from Tech commits who took their official visits as well, but not much else outside of that has come out one way or another.

CB Wesley Walker - 247Sports Composite: 0.8750

The second highest-rated player in the class, Walker made and official visit very early on and has bee just as positive on social media as the rest of the class so far.

S Briton Allen - 247Sports Composite: 0.8890

Though Allen committed while Tech had no coach officially named, he seems to in play with at least one other school: USC. He took an official visit to Tech already but granted the Trojans a visit this past weekend, meaning that we may not know his plans until he signs on the 19th (as he indicated on Twitter).

All in all, it’s hard to say how we should be feeling. The two guys who are the most publicly in play — Briton Allen and Jordan Huff — are two of the top four players in the class, and two offensive linemen in Joshua Black and Larry Dowdy have been very quiet. The offensive line in particular is going to be incredibly sparse from a depth perspective, although there’s no guarantee that either Black or Dowdy could contribute immediately given that they profile largely as option linemen and that Tech’s exact offensive scheme is still undetermined.

Holding onto Allen and Huff in particular will be Geoff Collins’ first shot at playing defense in the rough-and-tumble southeast recruiting territory, and keeping both would be a major win. Hopefully he can accomplish that and add some more talent as well when the early signing period rolls around.