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Georgia Tech Recruiting: Graduate Transfer OL Jared Southers commits!

Western Kentucky v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The transition away from Paul Johnson’s Spread Option offense has kicked off with the addition of graduate transfer OL Jared Southers from Vanderbilt. Southers was largely a reserve at Vanderbilt, playing multiple positions on the Offensive Line.

Southers adds depth to a Tech line that will be thin for the first few years of Coach Collins’ tenure on the flats. The Spread Option offense requires players with different athletic profiles than more traditional offenses. The Option has always valued quickness and flexibility over length and size, so Tech will have to transition its roster. Graduate Transfers will help to ease this transition, and Southers is a good start.

Southers is unlikely to be the last graduate transfer to come to Tech this year. Tech will also need to add Tight Ends to the roster, and starting true freshmen exclusively at that position is not a recipe for success.

Hopefully more updates to come!