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Technical Tidbits 11/9: Who are U? (Also: basketball!)

How’s the onset of seasonal depression treating everyone?

Georgia Tech v North Carolina
Lamont Simmons hits Anthony Ratliff-Williams with a vicious crossbody
Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Yes, we definitely wanted to remember, thanks for asking. In eleven years, Paul Johnson has five wins over Virginia Tech and Clemson, and three over georgia. Against the University of Miami Hurricanes? Two. It’s a bit of a sticking point, especially considering how some of those losses went down. Here, relive them!

WWWWWWWWWWELCOME! To the Shutdown Toddcast! Yes, a new Toddcast came out yesterday, and you all totally missed it! (It’s okay, I missed it too.) It’s chock full of good info about basketball and the Athletics Initiative 2020, which is coming along nicely. You have donated to the Initiative for this year, yes? No? Here, let me show you the way.

Answer unclear; try again later. The 2018-19 Georgia Tech men’s basketball season starts tonight! The Hoop Jackets are playing Lamar, which is in Texas, and that’s all I know about Lamar. What is there to look forward this Okogie-less season? Well, judging by Josh Pastner’s thoughts............ it might be dicey.

Wear white, stay warm.