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Illuminati Picks, Week 11: Apex predator battles bird of prey


O. H. EYE. O.



Miami Hurricanes @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-3.5)

Miami’s “back” status has been reverted to “not” after a five game win streak followed a three game losing streak. Does this portend bad things when they visit Atlanta Saturday evening? Perhaps, but the Hurricanes have been Paul Johnson’s biggest bugbear in his 11 seasons as coach of the Yellow Jackets. There are too many painful losses to recount, including last year. The good news is Ted Roof has been permanently reassigned. The bad news is the ‘Canes will be playing for a recently departed Miami legend.

Illuminati pick: Miami

#10 Ohio State Buckeyes (-3.5) @ #18 Michigan State Spartans

The Spartans are back after being smothered by Michigan a few weeks ago. Incredibly, they still have a shot of winning the B1G East, but they need a few things to fall their way. Of course, first they have to beat Ohio State, who..... uh, don’t seem to have beaten much of anyone. That win over TCU certainly didn’t hold up, and the squeaker over Penn State (oh my GOD James Franklin why did you dial up a zone read) just feels kinda meh. So yeah, it could totally happen. Maybe.

Illuminati pick: Ohio State

Oklahoma State Cowboys @ #6 Oklahoma Sooners (-20)

The nickname “Bedlam” would suggest a series known for being bat[Shaft] crazy, but a quick look at the series record is not safe for Cowboys. Mike Gundy has been in Stillwater for basically forever and has all of two wins against the Sooners. (When you’re your school’s most successful coach, and it’s not really close, you get some major leeway, even if the resident oil baron doesn’t particularly like you.) So why is it called Bedlam? No one really knows. Personally, I think it was named because you’d have to be crazy to want to live in Oklahoma. (Please direct any complaints to my twitter account, @murphey_stephen.)

Illuminati pick: OU

#24 Auburn Tigers @ #5 Georgia Bulldogs (-14)

Man, has Auburn had a weird season or what? They started with high expectations, then sucked, fueling speculation Gus Malzahn would be fired, then turned it around, putting that speculation to rest. On the other hand, this sounds like every Auburn season for the last, like, five seasons, so this should feel pretty normal for the folks on the Plains. What’s not normal is Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, where upsets are common and sometimes this happens. Last year #1 Georgia came to Auburn and got the tar beaten out of them, ending their playoff hopes..... except for when the two met later that year in Atlanta, and the Bulldogs got their revenge. Is it too much to ask for a repeat of last year? Knowing this series.... no, not at all.

Illuminati pick: Auburn

#2 Clemson Tigers (-20) @ #17 Boston College Eagles

Okay, so I know a few weeks ago we said Clemson-NC State was for the ACC Atlantic, but, uh, this one is really for the Atlantic. Maybe. A win for the Eagles keeps their Charlotte hopes alive, assuming they don’t trip over themselves and lose to FSU next week. It would also drive Cade insane, so I’m actually kind of pulling for this. But Clemson put everyone on the field last week except for their Tee [Boston], and even though that was just Louisville..... it doesn’t mean much good for the rest of the conference. Hope it’s over quickly, BC. Aim for keeping it to Clemson’s second stringers.

Illuminati pick: Clemson

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