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Countdown to Tipoff: Bold Predictions from the FTRS Staff

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Pensa

Jose Alvarado leads the ACC in assists and steals while a healthy Curtis Haywood leads the conference in three pointers. Meanwhile, Michael Devoe finds himself in the race for ACC freshman of the year. Without Ben Lammers in the mix, Abdoulaye Gueye finds himself as the centerpiece of the Tech frontcourt and nearly averages a double-double. The Jackets make the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2010.

Jake Grant

Sjolund’s defense kicks in to go with his nice shooting touch and Haywood grows into some of that potential we saw last year. Georgia Tech ups its game from beyond the arc and carries a 37.5% or higher line from three point land on drastically increased volume to boot. Efficiency is up for this team that doesn’t see a ton of possessions, and that’s a good building block for this year and the future.

Akshay Easwaran

The Jackets finish in the top half of the ACC and make the NIT.

Stephen Murphey

OOC record: 12-1 - we aren’t beating Tennessee...

ACC record: 9-9 - we sell out in our home games and basically forfeit our BRUTAL away schedule where we catch Duke, UVA, Syracuse, and Notre Dame on the road. But that means knocking off UNC at home.

We get to the NIT as a highly ranked seed, where we continue our Home fortification, losing by 20 the second we make it to the Big Apple against, let’s go, Monmouth.

Drew Gordon

Tech beats Virginia.

Cade Lawson

I don’t feel great about our out-of-conference schedule, especially with Tennessee on it. I don’t know how bold this really is, but I can easily see Tech losing to UT/Northwestern/UGA/Arkansas and then dropping a couple of the would-be cupcake games like we have in recent years to finish somewhere around 7-6 for that part of the schedule.

Shembari Phillips will be the best player on the floor for Tech all season, and I could easily see him averaging 15+ points per game this season. He and Jose Alvarado will make a formidable backcourt, even though the frontcourt won’t let us have an advantage over any real competition.