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Around the ACC: Week 10 Recap

Is the 2018 ACC the worst football conference in the history of histories? My column:

Miami v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Pittsburgh 23, Virginia 13

Ranked Virginia sure didn’t last long, did it? The Cavaliers allowed Pitt running back Darrin Hall to go for 229 yards and 3 touchdowns on 19 carries, which nearly exceeded their entire team’s 249-yard output for the game.

The sad fact of the matter is that this season has been a bad time for my hot takes, since most of them are anti-Pitt and anti-Boston College. One of those is likely winning the Coastal and the other is ranked. Heck, Pitt may be ranked soon too.

Louisville 16, Clemson 77

The line was Clemson -39. People laughed.

What ended up happening was so, so much worse. The Tigers dropped just shy of 700 yards of offense on the worst team in the nation, including a 2-yard touchdown run by All-World defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence. Dabo Swinney legitimately looked like he just got bored towards the end, even throwing his own son into the game to catch a touchdown. I can’t tell if it’s evil or hilarious that Louisville can’t afford to fire Bobby Petrino, but it has certainly been a fun ride.

Syracuse 41, Wake Forest 24

Syracuse is the second-best team in the ACC Atlantic. I cannot wait for them to lay it on Boston College in a couple of weeks and vindicate me once and for all.

Wake Forest, meanwhile, looks to have taken a big step back after showing improvement over the past couple of seasons. They have an uphill battle to bowl eligibility, needing two wins out of three games versus NC State, Pitt, and Duke.

Florida State 28, NC State 47

Speaking of tough battles just to make a bowl, we may just want to let the Noles raise the white flag on this season: they need to win two of three against Notre Dame, Boston College, and Florida. That ain’t it, chief.

Did anyone really expect the first year of the Willie Taggart era to go this sideways? Come on, they’re even winning our race for #GoACC Moment of the Week of the Year with 2 points. No amount of french-sounding quarterbacks can save you now, Florida State. On se voit en enfer, Willie.

Boston College 31, Virginia Tech 21

I hate Virginia Tech for making our win look less impressive. At this very moment, Boston College very well could be the worst 7-2 team in the history of 7-2 teams, possibly ever. The Eagles have as many quality wins as they have quality coaches (0) and it will be fun to watch them finish 7-5.

I don’t know why I hate them this much. It just bothers me when obviously bad teams get ranked after beating many obviously worse teams.

Duke 20, Miami 12

Speaking of bad, Miami is officially back next year and not this year. They’ve lost three-straight games to Virginia, Boston College, and Duke now, though I guess that’s two top-25 losses in today’s dumb college football landscape.

They also lose points for trying to prevent us from getting a night game (unsuccessfully). Nice try, Mark, but you’ll have to lose harder than that to stop ESPN from wanting to come into raucous Bobby Dodd Stadium for a game between two fringe bowl teams.

I have no idea who to even nominate for #GoACC Moment of the Week this time, so we’ll do it like this: make your nominations in the comments with rationale, and the one with the most recs wins the week. This is a more exciting way and it may even persuade some people to join us in the comments section!

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Florida State - 2

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Virginia Tech - 1

Clemson - 1

Louisville - 1

Georgia Tech - 1

Duke - 1