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Monday Musings: Hypothetical 2: Paul-abars Revenge


Georgia Tech v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images
seriously I love this movie

Hi, me again. It’s been a few weeks since our last hypothetical, so let’s do another one. This one is a little more open ended.

What would you give up in return for a national championship? How many straight losing seasons? How many straight losses to uga? How many straight losses to Clemson?

This one is interesting to me because everyone feels strongly about different things. To some, having winning seasons is the utmost importance. To some, beating uga is all that matters. Most people are some sort of mix. I’ll break down how I feel about this, but I’d really like to hear from y’all about how you think about it.

First, I think the type of losing season obviously matters. If we’re talking 5-7 seasons, I think I could do 20+ straight years. Winning a national championship is the ultimate in bragging rights and a once in a lifetime opportunity for a school like us (I bet Bama fans wouldn’t even give up their last bottle of white sauce for another one). For us, 5-7 seasons aren’t that bad (god I hate myself for saying that) from a national perspective. No one would make fun of Georgia Tech for perennially going 5-7. In fact I’m pretty sure that’s what the rest of the country expects of us.

Now if we say straight winless seasons or 1-2 win seasons, that’s a different story. It’s tough to put a number on it, but I don’t think I could do more than 10 straight years. Winless seasons don’t just suck, they’re embarrassing for the entire program and fanbase. That’s a stain on our national reputation that’s tough to erase, even with a national championship.

When it comes to losses to uga my tolerance goes a little lower. I’m thinking 6-8ish straight years. Losing to your rival is the worst, especially when your rival is as annoying as uga. The national championship is a huge trump card most of the time (and my usual favorite to use against uga fans), but “yeah you’re 0-10 against us” is a real argument killer and not something I would have a good response to.

Those are my quick thoughts, but lemme know what y’all think. I’m curious what the range of answers is. If you have the time and the friends, ask your friends that are fans of other schools; I’d be interested to know how other fanbases think about this stuff.

giphy search: “college football fans”

In more topical news, your hometown Yellow Jackets from the Georgia College of Institutional Technology University are 5-4 and have a 72% change of going bowling according to S&P+. We certainly didn’t play our best against UNC, but it feels like we’re ready to hit our stride. An underperforming Miami comes to town this saturday for a W H I T E O U T N I G H T G A M E that is extremely winnable if we play well. After that it’s a toss up game against a confusing Virginia and then COFH. I’d love to see us put together a little run here and close out the season in style. This year has been pretty confusing and it’d be nice to end with some consistency.