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Around the ACC: Week 12 Recap

Wait... Boston College lost? Color me shocked.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia 27, Georgia Tech 30

You probably know that this was by far the most fun game in the conference this weekend, but did you also know that Wesley Wells is the best player in Georgia Tech history?

The freshman kicker single-handedly guided the struggling offense to victory, hitting all four of his field goal attempts to cement Tech’s win over the most resilient UVA team I can remember. I’m not usually one for being serious in this feature, but congratulations to Bronco Mendenhall for what he’s accomplished at UVA. No one expected a turnaround like this, especially given the depleted state of his roster, but what he accomplished at BYU should’ve been a good indicator in hindsight.

Pittsburgh 34, Wake Forest 13

The only takeaway from this game is that Tech is one victory away from playing for an ACC Championship in Charlotte. Had the Jackets held off Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers earlier this season, they’d have finished first in the Coastal.

Oops, I forgot a takeaway: Wake Forest is... not back. Not this year, at least.

NC State 52, Louisville 10

It was no Petrino, no problem for Louisville on Saturday as the Cardinals continued their proud tradition of getting destroyed by even the slightest breeze. They’ve now given up north of 50 points in six of eleven games this season, including four straight contests, and Brian VanGorder deserves every bit of it.

And my, this take on VanGorder’s intelligence and adaptability from August certainly aged well.

Syracuse 3, Notre Dame 36

I have said two things all season long: Boston College is bad and Syracuse is good. More on the former in just a moment, but the Orange made me (and my money) look awful over the weekend by way of a 33-point romping at the hands of a Notre Dame team that looks more and more convincing by the week. Cuse’s resume leads me to believe that this is probably an aberration, but the team’s showing in South Bend was truly Roof-era Duke-esque.

Roofera Dukesque also happens to be the name of Brian Kelly’s burner account on Twitter, by the way. I’ll save you a click and tell you it’s just a stream of “TOLD YOU SO” Tweets aimed at most of the national media.

Western Carolina 26, North Carolina 49

In a battle of FCS directional schools, North Carolina took down wild-west foe WCU by a strong 23-point margin on Saturday. Head coach Larry Neckbeard lived up to his name, trying to embrace the counterculture of losing every game out of respect for your opponent which was first adopted by Hue Jackson and continued by every Kansas coach ever.

Boston College 20, Florida State 21

I don’t ask for much, but I do ask that you finally stop fighting me on the point that Boston College is not good. They just lost to a Florida State team so bad that when you type in “Florida State football” the first result is their schedule for next year. Come on, now. I don’t care how good AJ Dillon is, I don’t care how Tech would fare against the Eagles, and I don’t care how intensely guys can be dudes up there. Boston College is currently a ranked team that will finished 7-5 next week, which is just wrong.

Miami 38, Virginia Tech 14

Mark Richt regained control of Miami for just long enough to whip Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. It’s amazing what happens when you pretend to be a real football team instead of pretending to pray, if only for a night.

Duke 6, Clemson 35

Clemson may have committed severe crimes against uniforms, but the Tigers still managed to (predictably) sweep away the Blue Devils by a 29-point margin. They have looked better and better as the season has progressed and will hopefully continue that momentum into their rivalry game versus South Carolina.

Without further adieu, here are your options for #GoACC Moment of the week. Miami won last time, by the way, giving them a tie with FSU for first.


Who embarrassed themselves the most this week?

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    Boston College
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    Steve Addazio’s team
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  • 18%
    Guys being dudes
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    ....fine, Syracuse
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#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Florida State - 2

Miami - 2

Raycom Sports - 1

North Carolina - 1

Virginia Tech - 1

Clemson - 1

Louisville - 1

Georgia Tech - 1

Duke - 1