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Technical Tidbits 11/2: Things to know for Tech vs. UNC, Wazzu to the playoff please

Mike Leach? National attention? Hear me out: yes.

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Washington State v Utah Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

Ken Sugiura brings you five things to know ahead of tomorrow’s noon-and-a-quarter affair with North Carolina, including what’s at stake and what we could see as far as a gameplan from the Tar Heels. He notes that while Carolina has won just one game so far in 2018, there are indicators ranging from the team’s slim margins of defeat to a baker’s dozen early-season suspensions that could mean the Heels are... the best 1-6 team in college football. Let that sentence strike fear into your hearts as images of Marquise Williams and Mitch Trubisky putting up ∞ points on the Jackets go through your head.

Volleyball has a big weekend ahead of it as well, with No. 10 Pittsburgh and Virginia coming to town for a couple of very important matches. The Jackets are currently 4-8 in ACC play, good for a middle-of-the-pack ranking. Pitt is currently on top of the standings at 11-1 in conference play, while UVA is towards bottom at 3-9. Read more about the volleyball team in this week’s super lit edition of Yellow Jacket Roundup.

(caution, autoplay video in that link)

With the first iteration of the College Football Playoff Rankings released and one of the current top four likely guaranteed to miss the final cut because of how the final schedule shakes out, we are now free to speculate about who the fourth playoff contender will be. I’m going to come at you straight right now and say I need it to be Wazzu. Some things just absolutely have to happen, and Mike Leach and his air raid in the national spotlight is one of those things. Feel free to share your opinions below, as long as they agree with mine. Am I Interneting right?