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Technical Tidbits 10/3: So We Have a New Kicker

Coach Paul Johnson names the new starter, and also suspends an offensive lineman

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Wesley Wells wins Placekicking Job

After starting the season as the team’s number three kicker, walk-on Wesley Wells has beaten out Brenton King and Shawn Davis as the Jackets’ kicker. According to Coach Johnson, Wells won the job in practice last week, and then showed he could replicate in-game by going 9 for 9 on extra point tries in Saturday’s win over Bowling Green. Shawn Davis will continue to do kickoffs for the team, leaving Brenton King, the only scholarship kicker, without a responsibility. Any consistency at the placekicking spot would be a huge boon to the Jackets hopes of bringing this season back from the 1-3 start.

Georgia Tech Lineman to not Start on Friday

Yesterday Coach Johnson announced that one of Tech’s starting offensive linemen will miss the beginning of Friday’s game at Louisville. Johnson did not name the lineman, or specify how long the player would miss to begin the game. Tech started Zach Quinney, Parker Braun, Jahaziel Lee, Connor Hansen, and Andrew Marshall along the line last week, and may get Kenny Cooper back from injury this week. Hopefully whoever the lineman is, he doesn’t miss more than a couple of possessions.

Stansbury Promotes Four in Athletic Department

It was announced that AD Todd Stansbury has promoted Selinda Biggers, Anthony Bridges, Mike Castle, and Leah Thomas up from various prior positions to the title of assistant athletics director. Castle has been on staff at Tech for only three years, but the other three have each worked under several Georgia Tech athletics directors for at least 15 years. Congratulations to Biggers, Bridges, Castle, and Thomas!