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Yellow Jacket Roundup: It’s Spooky Szn

The tea on the non-revenue hustle needs a little milk this week and the first chance to get some bread at the cross country ACC championships came and went.

Forced to guess, I would presume she’s yelling “yeah.”
Georgia Tech Athletics/Danny Karnik

AUBURN, ALABAMA - Yes, I spent the weekend on the Plains. Yes, I went to Toomer’s Corner - not a bad BLT for a soda fountain, full review to come to a food blog bastion of spelling and capitalization near you perhaps on some future bye week. Yes, the Georgia Tech swim club beat Auburn. It was lit. However, they did not beat Kentucky. (Throw the sneaky scoring system some shade). Yes, I’m salty. They need some milk. Roast, shots fired! Now, having gotten that bread, let’s high key dish about the tea for each and every one of the non-revenue sports and their main hustle this weekend. Yeet. Gah, I’m so extra. Hopefully my readership glows up amongst the millennials, fellow youths.

Helpful Millennial Dictionary

  • Goals: (n., pl.) something to aspire to
  • Turnt: (adj.) exhilarating, exciting
  • Feels: (n., sing.) an emotional place
  • Basic: (adj.) simple, base (often said derisively)
  • Lit: (adj.) [see “Turnt”]
  • Shade: (n.) a slight (can be either singular or plural)
  • Salty: (adj.) offended, often obnoxiously so
  • Milk: (n.) a nutritious beverage derived from mammals
  • Roast: (n.) an insult, usually delivered in a public space
  • Fired, Shots: (v., n., pl.) commentary on the act of delivering roasts [see “Roast”]
  • Bread: (n.) cash money
  • Key: (adj.) can be both of high- or low- variants, usually used to distinguished a point about to be made
  • Dish: (v.) to describe in a vivid manner
  • Tea: (n.) gossip
  • Hustle: (n.) both of side and main variants, describing tasks or jobs
  • Yeet: (excl.) a catch-all phrase used to convey excitement
  • Extra: (adj.) over the top
  • Glows up: (adj.) to develop, usually applied to a person or group of people
  • Grind: (n.) work ethic [see “Hustle”]
  • Squad: (n.) a close-knit group

No. “Third In Conference but Fourth in Country Last Year What How” Women’s Tennis

With stats dished through day two of the three day tournament in Nashville, the Jackets had played pretty well, especially on the singles side. The doubles, however, weren’t quite so turnt, with both pairings falling to Vanderbilt faces familiar from last spring in a single set. Well, all were familiar, being juniors and seniors, save for one that doesn’t even have a headshot on the Vanderbilt roster website. Spooky, indeed. Feels. However, the singles low key slayed, with four girls winning in Nashvegas.

[time passes]

On the third and final day of competition, the Jackets won six of seven matchups, four in singles and both doubles. Goals! The only loss on the day was by newcomer Valeriya Deminova, as the rest of the slate finished off the weekend incredibly strong.

This week: The Jackets are finished with their fall schedule.

Cross Country

The Jackets yeeted up to Boston for the ACC Championships this weekend. They both finished respectably in the middle cluster of teams, respectively. With the previous national rankings for the women, a seventh place finish was a bit of a letdown for the women, but it was still their best finish since 2001 and a marked turn of events from last year. The trend is certainly in the right direction. It is also a young team, another positive note. The hustle from the Jackets was a solid one and, the fact that the improving places are considered a slight letdown bodes well not just for next year, but that NCAA regionals in two weeks might be pretty lit.

This week: The Jackets are basic and staying in the ATL during Halloweekend round two.


Friday, October 26th: Georgia Tech (14 - 10) rallies to knock off North Carolina (5 - 15), 24-26, 25-21, 25-23, 20-25, 15-13 (3 - 2).

Sunday, October 28th: Georgia Tech (15 - 10) sweeps North Carolina State (10 - 12), 25-16, 25-13, 26-24 (3 - 0).

Mikaila Dowd: 26 Kills. Yeet.

Tech led most of the first set, barely, thanks to solid play from Mariana Brambilla and Lauren Frerking. With the game tied 24-24, all the Jackets needed to do was to rattle off two in a row and they would get that bread and have the first set in hand. Unfortunately, the same was true of the Tar Heels, who proceeded to do just that. They got the bread, I say. Not to be outdone, though, the Jackets staved off the saltiness to win two straight sets in regulation to take their own one set advantage thanks to some critical blocks from Kodie Comby and Dominique Washington, and polished off by back to back kills from Dowd. The fourth set was the most disparate, with Tech trailing for most of it, though they mounted a comeback in the end, though the visitors still forced a fifth set. However, Tech won it in another close match, after four point run gave Tech set point up 14-11. Carolina managed to get within one, but, fittingly, a Dowd kill ended the match with a win for the Jackets, who never gave up on the hustle to get the win on Friday evening at the always-turnt O’Keefe.

On Sunday, the Jackets kept on the grind for another win against a team from the Triangle. This one came in sweep form for the first time in quite a while and Tech looked much more like the form they displayed in the non-conference schedule than they had of late. The feels were indeed real. The squad of Brambilla, Dowd, Comby, Washington, and Frerking all played excellently and the Jackets absolutely dominated in the first two sets. Goals! Though the Wolfpack took an edge in the third set and the game even went to bonus volleyball, but a well-placed fired shot...err, block...from Comby and Washington roasted the guests and the Jackets had back to back lit wins.

This week: Tech returns to O’Keefe for a game against a team an extra person might high-key describe as a steamroller of despair for all teams that dare to cross its path, Pittsburgh. I am that person. Additionally, they low-key have a Sunday game as well, hosting Virginia.

Come Dish About Baseball:

*Yeets Away*

This Week on the Flats:

BOLD for home, REGULAR for away, ITALIC for time and location

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Men’s Tennis hosts Georgia Tech Invitational
9:00 AM, Ken Byers Tennis Complex

Volleyball vs. no. 5 Pittsburgh
7:00 PM, O’Keefe Gymnaisum, ACC Network Extra and WREK 91.1

Football @ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
12:15 PM, Chapel Hill, NC, Raycom Sports Network and the Georgia Tech Football Radio Network

Men’s Basketball vs. Florida Tech (Exhibition)
6:00 PM, McCamish Pavilion, ACC Network Extra

Women’s Tennis @ Auburn Invitational
All day, Auburn, AL

Men’s Tennis hosts Georgia Tech Invitational
All day, Ken Byers Tennis Complex


Volleyball vs. Virginia
12:00 PM, O’Keefe Gymnasium, ACC Network Extra and WREK 91.1

Women’s Basketball vs. Coastal Georgia (Exhibition)
2:00 PM, McCamish Pavilion

Women’s Tennis @ Auburn Invitational
All day, Auburn, AL

Men’s Tennis hosts Georgia Tech Invitational
All day, Ken Byers Tennis Complex