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Technical Tidbits 10/26: Georgia Tech retains the golden cartridge

It’s Friday and Georgia Tech won last night, everyone take the day off

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech
Y’all have any idea how happy I am to lead with a pic like this today?
Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Am I really expected to write stuff today? Hey, uh, so in case you were unaware, Georgia Tech played a football game last night. And they won! By a lot! In Lane Stadium! On a weeknight! I’m writing this at midnight right now, so I haven’t fully processed it yet, but hopefully by the time you’re reading this it’ll make sense. Regardless, there’s plenty of postgame coverage available on this here website, but if for some reason you like to read other sites as well, our good buddy Ken has his wrap-up on the game you can read.


Seriously, take the day off and start the weekend early. RamblinWreck has all the postgame trivia fun, so check that out if you want to see how long it’s been since [gestures vaguely] all that happened.

Or hey, Red Dead Redemption II came out today, go play that. We all agree option football is the best kind of football there is, right? Great! Let’s take a trip through history, all the way back to the year 2004, when one Paul Johnson was the head coach at Navy, and coached his Midshipmen to the longest football drive..... ever. On any level. We’ve seen plenty of death marches here at Georgia Tech in the past eleven years, but one that lasted an entire quarter? That is art, my friends.