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2018 Basketball Uniforms Revealed

#AkshayEye rolls on as we get our first peek at this year’s basketball uniforms

Georgia Tech Athletics

The #ThreeStripeLife continues its triumphant takeover of the Flats with a high-profile unveiling of 2018’s basketball uniforms at Live at the Thrillerdome, Tech’s fall concert co-sponsored by the Student Center Programs Council and Georgia Tech Athletics and starring rap group Raw Sremmurd. Y’all ready for some #UniTalk? Let’s do it.

2018 Uniform Power Rankings

Did you really think I was going to miss out on this week’s FTRS meme?

#1: White Jersey

Georgia Tech Athletics

This one is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Gold numerals on a white jersey might be hard to see, but they really pop and I didn’t know how much I needed them in my life until our football uniforms came out earlier this year. Stinger stripes adorn the sides of the jersey (navy primary, gold secondary - as is custom on the white background), and the piping on the edges of the jersey evokes memories of days (and Final Fours) gone by.

Grade: A++

#2: Gold Jersey

Georgia Tech Athletics
Georgia Tech Athletics

White numerals on gold isn’t my favorite combination in the world, but it’s #2 on our list because, well, you have to respect the primacy of old gold in Tech’s branding. The same navy accents from the white jersey make another appearance here, with the gold secondary stripe replaced with white.

The ladies’ gold alternate has “WRECK” instead of the Georgia Tech wordmark, and this is a little wonky. I love that the Lady Jackets have a unique look, but I would have liked “WRECK” to be in the wordmark’s font. Despite that, it’s still a solid look.

Grade: A

#3: Navy Jersey

Georgia Tech Athletics

Finally, we have the navy alternate. I like it, but not as much as the other ones — I love how this color combination worked for football, but I think I’ll have to see the basketball version in person to give an accurate assessment. I’m not a huge fan of “TECH” on the front, but the numerals, stripes, and piping are still excellent.

Grade: B (curved to an A-, in true Tech fashion)

All considered, this is a solid arrangement of jerseys. Georgia Tech’s men’s and women’s basketball programs are young teams with lots of potential, and with the excitement of new threads and a renewed energy in the program with Athletics Initiative 2020, it’s poised to be a year of growth on the court for Georgia Tech.

What do you think about Georgia Tech’s new adidas basketball jerseys? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!