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Technical Tidbits 10/19: Bradley weighs in on Paul Johnson situation, Jackets begin bowl battle

Tech will face a long journey to bowl eligibility after a poor start to the 2018 season.

Duke v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Keeping Paul Johnson past this season may not be an option for Todd Stansbury despite his support for the embattled head coach, writes the AJC’s Mark Bradley. The article relies largely on Georgia Tech’s recent flops in the Duke series as evidence that Johnson’s style has begun to fail, and it’s a pretty compelling case — the Jackets have lost 4 of 5 to the Blue Devils, an unacceptable mark despite the program David Cutcliffe has built. This is another interesting quote:

The belief is that 5-7 would leave Stansbury hanging. A 4-8 season might be enough to force his hand; a 6-6 year, while nothing to celebrate unless the sixth victory is over Georgia, would surely mean that Paul Johnson returns for 2019.

That sounds about right. The Jackets currently sit at 3 wins on the season, and no single game the rest of the way looks like an easy win — Virginia Tech, Miami, Virginia, and UGA have all looked better than Tech this year, and UNC at least defeated the Pitt team that toppled the Jackets weeks ago.

It seems that Georgia Tech’s goal for the season has shifted to just fighting to make a bowl as the bye week draws to a close. The failure to do so would mean Tech will have missed a postseason appearance for three of the past four years after owning one of the longest bowl streaks in the nation prior to the 2015 season, an especially disappointing outcome when you consider how low the bar is for making a bowl in today’s college football landscape. Missing out in three out of four years is a tough thing to justify by anyone involved.

In some lighter news, Georgia Tech’s “Live at the Thrillerdome” event is taking place tonight at McCamish Pavilion. Fans will get the chance to see Rae Sremmurd perform in addition to uniform reveals and other events. Admission is free for students who reserve a ticket and certain season ticket holders may also purchase a ticket.