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Technical Tidbits 10/18: Top 10 Georgia Tech Things that Happened Today

Actually it’s just three, but we’ve got a theme to continue.

Duke v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Georgia Tech hoops could get some great news in the coming days if transfer forward James Banks is granted immediate eligibility for the upcoming season, an NCAA decision that could realistically change the course of the 2018 basketball calendar for the Jackets. A Texas transfer, Banks would add much-needed frontcourt depth to a Tech roster with little talent to spare at either power forward or center. As Ken Sugiura indicates in the article, Tech will run A.D. Gueye out as an undersized center with only Sylvester Ogbonda — who played 41 minutes all of last season — behind him. Banks would change the dynamic completely.

You probably don’t need any reminders about why Georgia Tech lost a football game on Saturday, but here’s one anyway: turnovers. It’s incredibly disappointing that the Jackets blew what was looking like a fantastic 7-7 thriller by allowing three touchdowns in under two minutes, especially given that it was the homecoming game. The bye week came at a great time for a Tech team that must be feeling defeated right about now, and hopefully Paul Johnson can leverage his time off to improve for the rest of the season.

The final thing we’ll talk about this morning is the fact that I want your input on what you want FTRS to power rank next as we progress through our hard-hitting bye week coverage. Regular football coverage will be back next week when there’s actual football to cover (and hopefully when the tape from the Duke game has been released), but until then we are counting down the top-10 lists that everyone loves. Leave suggestions in the comments.