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Around the ACC: Week 7 Recap

You already know.

North Carolina Central v Duke Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

It was a pretty quiet week around the ACC, with everyone but a couple of teams getting the job done in predictable fashion. Those two that didn’t, however, will live in infamy. Let’s get things started with the boring games.

Louisville 20, Boston College 38

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the whispers.

“Has Boston College turned it around?”

“Is this finally their (half) season?”

“Steve Addazio is so great at his job.”

No, they just beat one of the worst teams in the country by 18 points after an only marginally better team beat them by 35 the previous week. Boston College is bad, but Louisville is so much worse.

Pittsburgh 14, Notre Dame 19

Meanwhile in South Bend, we got a surprisingly fun game from Pat Narduzzi and the Panthers. Pittsburgh made Irish quarterback Ian Book look spontaneously mortal despite holding him to just 264 yards and 2 touchdowns versus 2 interceptions on the game. There’s certainly an argument to be made that Notre Dame isn’t worth their No. 5 ranking, but I really don’t know what this game says about Pitt. I still believe they’re bad, but everything is confusing right now. The next game we’ll discuss is a case-in-point for that.

Virginia Tech 22, UNC 19

Larry Fedora went from almost certainly gone to possibly not gone to whatever his current situation is, all in half of a season. How do you evaluate a one-win team with a win over confusing Pittsburgh, losses to confusing Virginia Tech and Miami, and more losses to awful ECU and super blah Cal? I have no idea, but I hope they hold onto Dr. Fedora for at least another year or two.

Virginia Tech, meanwhile, is looking awful in the post-Josh Jackson days. Justin Fuente has hardly lived up to expectations during his three-year tenure, and a 3-point win over UNC closely following the Old Dominion loss will hardly help him out.

Miami 13, Virginia 16

This game would have won #GoACC Moment of the Week honors most weeks, but a certain team you may be familiar with really outdid the No. 16 Hurricanes this time.

Anyway, Miami lost to a team whose coach claimed that they only had 27 ACC-caliber players on the whole roster. Georgia Tech may do the same here shortly, but at least we aren’t a top-20 team. Is Miami back? That’s the question of the week.

Duke 28, Georgia Tech 14 - #GoACC Moment of the Week

You knew it was coming. Giving up 21 points in 1:30 on homecoming after playing an incredibly competitive and fun game for three quarters is a great recipe to make everyone sad. I won’t go into the details here, but you know how it went. Fumble, fumble, fumble, throw in some bad special teams, fumble, fumble or something like that. Fun times were had in Atlanta.

Half of the ACC has now had an awful moment, with no team going twice. First to two might win the whole contest, everyone!

#GoACC Moment of the Week Scoreboard:

Miami - 1

North Carolina - 1

Florida State - 1

Virginia Tech - 1

Clemson - 1

Louisville - 1

Georgia Tech - 1