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Technical Tidbits 10/12: Tell the world....

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The paradox of punting. Man, these last couple of games have been pretty great, right? Tons of yards and points. Feels like the offense is finally clicking. That’s good news for everyone! Except..... for one person: our large adult punting son. While the offense scores touchdown after touchdown, Pressley Harvin is forced to sit, and watch, and wait. Because he’s the punter Georgia Tech deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Fear not, young Harvin, for your time will come again.

The talky-talk man has wordy words. Throughout Paul Johnson’s tenure at Georgia Tech, every other ACC school has had a football coaching change — many multiple times — except one: the Duke Blue Devils. Their coach is famously not a fan of Tech’s offensive schemes, but he seemed to praise them this week anyway. But enough about that, what do you have to say about David Cutcliffe? Please leave your responses in the comments. I already know what they’re going to be, but leave them anyway.

Ten pounds and a lifetime of memes. Remember shirtless NC State fan? LSU dinosaur guy? What about “stop” girl? Those were great! It sure was lucky television cameras happened to find them and other moments like those, right? Well, doing so is a bit of an art form of its own, and we should thank hardworking camera crews for being on it and giving us all such everlasting joy. As for my favorite fan reaction shot? There can be only one choice.