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Technical Tidbits 1/5: Just a normal Friday


NCAA Basketball: Miami at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Spoiler: we’ve been making this up as we go along the whole time. College football is the world’s greatest sport, but it’s also the dumbest: it’s the only one that doesn’t really officially certify a champion at the highest level of play. Hell, before the polls started no one named a champion at all. If you were good enough to call yourself champion and make everyone else believe it, that was it.

You don’t see this trophy anywhere near the College Football Playoff - it goes to the FCS playoff champion.

So that’s led to over a century of split national titles, unclaimed national titles, dubious national title claims.... you get the idea. So if UCF wants to call themselves national champions after going undefeated and defeating Auburn in the Peach bowl, that’s fine. They can call themselves that knowing they only did so because they ducked Georgia Tech back in week 3, and that’s the absolute truth that cannot be disproven.

I won’t and you can fine me. Yesterday, the governor of Georgia took to Twitter to declare he was “keeping the main thing the main thing”. This being Georgia, I’d assumed he was talking about local corruption, but no - it was, of course, Georgia football, so actually yeah it was. Deal wants Georgians to wear red and black today. I won’t and you can fine me.

I welcome the meteors.