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Yellow Jacket Roundup: January 1st, 2018

Hot take: women’s basketball is exceptionally decent.

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Georgia Tech
2017 may be over, but we’ll always have this to remember it by. Also, I’m out of panoramas. Enjoy.
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Women’s Basketball

Thursday, December 28th: No. 3 Louisville (15 - 0) edges Georgia Tech (11 - 3), 74-71.

Sunday, December 31st: Georgia Tech (12 - 3) destroys Clemson (10 - 4), 66-33.

Tech almost had it. Zaire O’Neill tied the game with 5.5 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter against the number three team in the nation. Of course, there is a reason why they are a highly ranked team; they’re pretty good, and they’re proven winners. Louisville responded and drove the length of the court, only needing 3.6 seconds to take the lead. Tech fouled, in attempt to get the ball back for one last desperation heave, but they ultimately lost. Tech showed valor against one of the best teams in the country, but came up just short of a win. Tech’s largest lead of the night was nine points, while Louisville lead by as many as twelve. The Jackets played well, thanks to Francesca Pan’s return to form, a refreshing reminder of both her excellent shooting and aggression. In the second game, Tech was never seriously threatened by Clemson’s sporadic offense, which only scored a meager 12 points in the first half. The Jackets, on the other hand, saw outstanding support up and down their bench. Once again, Tech never trailed. The Jackets’ largest lead was 35 points, and got 10 each from the reliable Elo Edeferioka and Pan. In the end, it was not particularly close, and the Jackets took the win with ease.

This Week: Tech heads to Syracuse on Thursday and hosts Notre Dame on Sunday afternoon.

For men’s basketball coverage: make free throws and layups, and this might have been a win.

This week on the Flats: the Tech men host Miami Wednesday night and Yale Saturday, while the women host Notre Dame on Sunday. Meanwhile, the women also have a road tilt at Syracuse, while track heads to Clemson for their first meet of the new semester. Meanwhile, swimming has an away meet at NAIA Savannah College of Art and Design, for some reason.