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Technical Tidbits 9/7: Lynch Returns

Georgia Tech News & Links 9/7

Duke v Georgia Tech Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Clinton Lynch set to play against Jacksonville State on Saturday

For some good news to start things off today, A-back Clinton Lynch practiced with the team during yesterday’s practice and is expected to play on Saturday. Lynch will add some needed depth and experience to the position, after Tech went with just a 3-man rotation against Tennessee on Labor Day night. Although Nate Cottrell, J.J. Green, and Qua Searcy were the only A-backs to see playing time on Monday, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some younger players get some snaps this Saturday if the Yellow Jackets can pull away.

Kyle Cerge-Henderson is also expected to return from injury, despite being on crutches on the sideline Monday night.

The kicking competition continues this week

The kicking game is obviously an area where Tech needs to see massive improvement if they hope to have a successful season. After walk-on Shawn Davis went 0-2 on Monday night, Paul Johnson has stressed that the competition is still open. True freshman, scholarship player Brenton King missed practice time due to injury.

Paul Johnson, however, was sympathetic towards his kicker:

‘“I think sometimes that’s a tough environment for your first game ever,” Johnson said of Monday’s game in a sold-out Mercedes-Benz Stadium. “National TV, in front of that many people. It didn’t get off to a good start and it just kind of ballooned on him.”’

Otherwise, we wish you Florida residents safety in the next couple days as the hurricane heads towards the US. You’re probably an engineer, so your hatches are most likely very well battened, but godspeed to all of you.