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50 Days to Tipoff: Jose Alvarado

This high ranked freshman looks to bring back the days of New York point guard dominance

NBA Finals Game 2: Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Kenny, Stephon,...Jose? In the past, Georgia Tech has seen their biggest successes come with New York point guards. Bobby Cremins had Kenny Anderson as part of Lethal Weapons 3 leading the team to the Final Four in 1990 and then had Stephon Marbury come the year after the finals run, grabbing a spot as a Third Team All-American in his only season while leading the team to the second round of the tournament. They have only been that far once since. This year, Josh Pastner was able to go back to the toughest recruiting grounds in the country and grab himself a point guard.

Depending who you ask Jose was either a 3 or 4 star recruit and one of the highest rated recruits Tech has had in quite a while. He chose Tech early over Rutgers and Seton Hall, but he was receiving interest from Syracuse, Indiana, and several other big name schools. This was a big grab for Tech.

Alvarado is a very traditional style point guard. He commands the ball, he commands the team, he looks for the pass first before the hoop. I’m very excited about what he can do. He has fantastic handles and a strong first step towards the hoop. He is a little small, both height and weight wise, so I would like to see him bulk up to help with his finishing through contact. His shot looks pretty good technique-wise, but it is a little slow and he isn’t really known for his outside shot so he will need to work on that. What he is known for is his competitiveness, hustle, and heart. Exactly what you want out of a leader.

This season, expect to get a large dose of Jose. Justin Moore played quite a bit last season as a freshman (even though he struggled at times) because the only other real point guard on the roster was Josh Heath. This season is the same story. Moore is the only PG so Alvarado should see plenty of play time no matter what. In many ways, these two have similar games. They aren’t score first PGs, they don’t have great shots, they have fantastic handles and a good sense for the game. I suspect that if Alvarado can get acclimated to the speed of the college game quicker than Moore did last season then he will find himself taking the majority of the minutes by the end of the year.