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Technical Tidbits 9/27: Butker to Kansas City

The former Tech kicker is on an active roster.

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

Harrison Butker is now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Butker was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft, but was placed on the practice squad after a training camp battle with Graham Gano.

Hopefully Butker performs well and stays in Kansas City for the foreseeable future.

The big news of Tuesday was the scandal around college basketball.

Several coaches, agents and shoe company employees were indicted on federal corruption charges related to recruiting. One of the people named is Jim Gatto, the head of sports marketing at Adidas.

Adidas is set to be the new apparel provider for Georgia Tech beginning in July 2018. It is still to be determined how much of an effect this will have on Adidas and the schools involved, but it’s certainly not a good look for Tech’s new apparel partner.