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Technical Tidbits 9/22: Our brand!; Pitt knows too much; Hey hey, JJ

We’re back to the football havin’!

Jacksonville State v Georgia Tech
TaQuon Marshall, stylin’ and profilin’

We’re famous now, you should add us on LinkedIn. I’m still a bit skeeved by the whole concept of recruiting, but that’s not new. What is new is the use of VR in recruiting, in both on- and off- campus visits.

It probably looks cooler with a VR set. If you don’t have one, just cup your hands around your eyes. Yeah, like that. Same experience.

VR is still very much a nascent technology at the present, but even now, this feels like a game changer. Imagine giving a recruit in California a realistic game day experience without them ever getting on a plane. They can tour the facilities, the dorm rooms.... there are so many other possibilities, none of which I’m going to expound on because, hey, that’s not my job. But it’s cool nonetheless.

Hey, Pitt, do that thing people are always telling you to do. Those crafty bastards over at Cardiac Hill managed to sneak into the inner sanctum of the Edge Center and publish all the secrets of Paul Johnson’s offense, in all their MS Word chart glory. But not to worry, the perpetrator shall meet their reckoning and all traces wiped away soon enough. The Illuminati are on this, y’all.

He’s way cooler than his cousin AJ. If you were unaware or simply forgot, A-back JJ Green made his journey to Georgia Tech by way of.... the University of Georgia. But he didn’t know where he’d end up when he left Athens. The redshirt senior and recent Georgia Tech graduate is hoping his final season is one worth remembering, and we here at From the Rumble Seat are all right behind him.

I’d almost forgotten what football felt like! Never leave me again.