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Technical Tidbits 9/15: Practice Buttkicking, Digital Basketball, Hate on the Hardwood

There is no football tomorrow and I hate it.

Jacksonville State v Georgia Tech

Guess who’s back/back again/Harry’s back/tell a friend. After being waived by the Carolina Panthers yesterday, former Georgia Tech kicker Harrison Butker was re-signed and placed on their practice squad.

Any excuse to post this image again is a good one.

I don’t know how common it is to have a kicker on your practice squad, but as they’re limited to ten members in the NFL I would imagine that answer is “not very”. The Panthers clearly want to keep Butker close. He can still be signed directly to the active roster of any team that wants him, so Carolina better act fast, or be stuck with Graham Gano for the long term.

Next thing you know we’ll have dunking robots. At Georgia Tech, we’re always pioneering cutting-edge research and working with the latest technology, and that extends to the practice court as well. The men’s (and, presumably, women’s) basketball team is using something called Noah to help their shooting game. I don’t know how well using it can improve one’s overall game, but at the very least it has to be better than Brian Gregory.

Clean, Old-Fashioned SPIKE IT IN HER FACE! RIGHT IN HER FACE! Coming off a successful sweep of last week’s opponents (Xavier, North Florida, and Kansas State), volleyball heads to Athens today for the annual showdown against Georgia. The Bulldogs come in with a better record and the overall advantage in the series, but - and without wanting to jinx things too much - the advantage over the past decade and a half or so has been very decidedly in favor of the Jackets, including last year’s three set sweep. Let’s keep that going, yeah? The match tips off at 7pm and can be streamed online on SEC Network Extra. Or just, like, go there. It’s not that far.

Those Universal Studios tickets I got were non-refundable, so I’m still going to Orlando this weekend.