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Georgia Tech Football: Reading Report Card - Week 2 Jacksonville State

Marshall turned in another strong performance!

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to this week’s edition of the Reading Report Card! This week the run game struggled a bit, but was it due to poor reads in the option game? In short, no.

Report Card

Reading Report Card - JSU.csv

Play Times Called Correct Mesh % Correct Pitch %
Play Times Called Correct Mesh % Correct Pitch %
Veer Option 6 83% X
Counter Option 1 X 100%
Speed Option 1 X 100%
Counter Speed Option 2 X 100%
Midline Triple 9 78% 83%
Totals 19 80% 90%

After only 3 mesh reads week 1, Marshall got a steady diet of them this week with 15. He responded to the challenge, reading 80% correctly. After only reading 1 of 3 correctly week 1, this was a huge improvement. Most run plays were triple options, with the play call varying between Veer and Midline Triple based on opponent alignment.

There were no Belly options this week, so my reign as a great predictor of play calling lasted all of one week. It was great, however, to see Marshall not rely on one play like he did against the Vols. He’s now run every option play but the true Midline, and that’s not really going to be his bread-and-butter. Showing an aptitude for the full range plays will keep the offense at its most effective down the stretch.

With an 84% total reading score this week, Marshall turned in a similar performance to week 1. The offense is in good hands.

Matthew Jordan and Lucas Johnson both debuted on this report this week. Jordan missed his one Mesh read on Midline Triple, but Lucas made the correct read on his Speed Option

Cumulative Report Card-TaQuon Marshall

Reading Report Card - Totals

Play Times Called Correct Mesh % Correct Pitch %
Play Times Called Correct Mesh % Correct Pitch %
Veer Option 9 67% 100%
Counter Option 3 X 100%
Speed Option 2 X 100%
Counter Speed Option 4 X 75%
Midline 0 X X
Midline Triple 9 78% 83%
Belly Option 12 X 100%
Totals 39 72% 93%


  • I’ve been on the Jerry Howard Hype Train since he signed. He’s only confirming my thoughts about him from then. Looked good as a runner and a blocker, and may be the most complete package of talent I’ve seen at B-back...period. He’ll take the starting job by the end of the year, and that’s no dig at Kirvonte Benson, who has been stellar.
  • Offensive Tackle was once again an adventure this game. Andrew Marshall needs to rest up during this unexpected bye. Tech won’t survive conference play very well without him
  • That said, the OL was sluggish overall. Multiple pulling guards struggled to get to their spots. It’s expected on short rest
  • Marshall throws a much prettier ball than I ever gave him credit for. I’m excited to see him open up the offense with it. It’s early, but I think he can be a better passer than Justin Thomas.
  • Teams are going to continue to take cheap shots at Marshall. It comes with the spotlights
  • Speaking of cheap shots, I felt JSU threw quite a few. It got excessive.
  • Clinton Lynch isn’t 100%, but it was good to see him. He’s still wide open.
  • Speaking of A-backs, I like what I’ve seen from Nathan Cottrell. He’s exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.
  • At some point Tech needs to get Jalen Camp the dang ball.